About me

I started cartooning in the 1980s through a love of  drawing and  playing with ideas and words.  I was shy and opinionated so cartoons fitted well! Cartoons are reactive and can make a point economically and unexpectedly. They can have a a poke at the world. Much of my work is illustrative cartooning and commissioned. I produced 2  cartoon books called  “A Good Book” and “You worry me Tracey, You really Do” both published by the Women’s Press. My cartoons have appeared on cards (Cath Tate Cards, Leeds Postcards and Wildcat Cards), tee shirts, mugs, teatowels, bags and even on a bridge as well as for print and broadcast media. My themes focus on social justice and life as it is. I worked in health in the 1980s and this fuelled many cartoons. My work around disability issues were initiated by activists such as Sue Napolitano and Jenny Morris.

I studied Textile/Fashion at Middlesex Polytechnic and later did an MA in Textile History at Winchester School of Art. I have a passion for Andean woven textiles. I retain an interest in textiles through research and lecturing. I have run workshops and courses alongside my freelance cartoon work. My education work has developed into coordinating community arts projects and working with a variety of people young and old. Arts projects include Sheepshape, Hatscape and Art Allotments

I make silk screen monoprints and other print work.  My sources of inspiration include landscape, plants, colour and people.  In 2009 I started a collage collaboration with Heather Prescott called Art Allotments which is going strong. I have exhibited my cartoons nationally, my artwork in the West Midlands and lectured internationally. I recently took part in open studios. Having lived in London, Manchester and Bristol,  I now live in South Shropshire.